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Welcome S3 AeroDefense customers and business partners!

Please use the system and information on it responsibly. Unauthorized access or use is prohibited, and subject to discipline, civil suit or criminal prosecution. By using this system, you consent to S3 obtaining data internally about any access, use, information and communications on the system. You acknowledge that your use and information on, and usage of, the system may be monitored, recorded, retrieved and disclosed to others. You also agree to abide by all S3 AeroDefense policies for proper system use, and for protection of sensitive and export-controlled data.

Your password is your key to protect your account. It is provided for your exclusive use and can not be shared. It should be protected from accidental disclosure and changed if you fear that it has been compromised. Your password will expire after 90 days. You will be prompted at that time to change your password, or you may change it at any time after logging in using the Profile page.



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